Sunday, July 22, 2012

You have to do this Linky!!

Mrs. Lemons over at step into second grade is having a really fun linky party. I love me a good party, I only wish there was music.

Anyway, click on the picture to take you to the linky!!

1. I LOVE x 10 the color magenta. Not light pink, beautiful magenta!!

2. I'm 29 years old. Everyone that meets me thinks, I'm either in high school or going off to college. They ask me if I'm sure that I'm a teacher. I don't think people realize how seriously annoying and frustrating that is!! I know I should take it as a compliment but when you get it ALL-THE-TIME, it's aggravating!  I even had one parent walk into my classroom and ask me where the teacher was, she thought I was an eighth grader, not cool!!!

3. I love Orchids . They are just so pretty! Reminds me of wanting to be somewhere tropical!

4. Although I have four siblings we are all half-siblings! My mom was married in '76 had my brother Stewart, my dad had my sister Elizabeth in Peru in '80, my mom and my brother's dad got divorced then a few years later met my dad and had me in '83. Then my parents divorced when I was turning seven and he remarried and had my brother Robert in '91 and Melanie in '95. My mother never remarried after she and my father divorced.  Crazy family structure, but I love them all! :)

5. I hate shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. But I love shopping for classroom supplies!! I seriously have a problem. 

6. I have the flattest feet ever, Fred Flintstone anyone?

7. I have the most beautiful nephew and niece, EVER!! 

8. I constantly have to shake my foot because it makes me feel good, haha!

9. I LOVE Harry Potter!! I cried happy tears when I went to The Wizarding World of  Harry Potter last year, lol, who does that!? 

10. I love Disney World and anything Disney for that matter! 

11. Speaking of Disney, my favorite Disney movie is 

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  1. Girl, I shake my foot/leg constantly, too! I get in trouble a lot in movie theaters, on the plane, and if I'm sitting next to anyone ha!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. That's hilarious! Anyone sitting next to me begs me to stop!

  2. I love Harry Potter too and I get confused for a student often!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  3. I love your cute. Thanks for hopping over to my blog. I'm your newest follower!

    2nd Grade Pad

  4. Oh! I would so get annoyed if a parent thought I was an 8th grader! Now my parents do think I am super young, and at 24 I guess I am, but an 8th grader!! Whew! I feel your pain!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. OMG, we have sooo much in common. I get the young comment all the time. Once at Meet the Teachr night a parent didn't think I was the teacher and when they realized it was me, they asked the teacher next door if she was going to be there all the time, like they wanted her to check up on me! Other than that, I hate clothes shopping, but spend a ton on school supplies, I also have flat feet (so bad for teaching), and I LOVE Aladdin. I just watched it the other night with my husband. I'm your newest follower!! :-)

  6. I absolutely love Harry Potter! I have read all of the books except the last one, twice!! No matter what I read, it just doesn't give me the thrill that Harry did! I move constantly, when we have teacher meetings I move my feet or swing my legs so often, my co-workers ask me to stop!! Loved reading about you! I am now a follower and I hope you will check out my blog.


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  7. I love school supplies too! I know--it's a true problem!!! Hop over to check out my little quarks too! :)

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  8. Disney and Disney movies for that matter never get old! So excited that I found you as I am a second grade dual language teacher and I am always looking for fellow bilingual teacher bloggers! Looking forward to sharing ideas!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  9. Oops not sure that my link is is again if ya'd like it!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  10. Hey There!
    I have nominated you for an award! Come on over to my blog and pick it up! Congratulations!
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  11. I really like reading your blog, so I am giving you the Liebster Award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up.
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  12. You and your blog are too cute! found you through the link up!