Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Month Subscription Giveaway to Farfaria!!

Have you heard of Farfaria? Yes? No? Maybe? What on earth is Farfaria you ask? Well, let me tell you about it…

I was contacted by Zach over at Farfaria (who is super sweet by the way) and he asked me to review this app called Farfaria from the App Store.  Like most of you, I had no idea what Farfaria was!  He gave me access to the app and let me tell you, the app blew my socks off! I am totally not kidding either! I am not one of those people who would waste your time if I didn’t believe a product wasn’t worth it. But this folks, this product is worth it! 

First, it’s so easy to get on and start using the app.  It is definitely kid-friendly, wonderful, and colorful!  The home screen has some of the newest and most popular titles kids around the world are reading.  Then, you have the option to “See the World” and this is where it gets good!

When you click on “See the World” (STW) it shows you a map of different lands (reading genres) your kids can click on. When you enter each land, it contains TONS and TONS of books that will keep your child or student busy and READING for hours. Each land is categorized by, Most Popular, Titles A-Z, Newest Books, and get ready for this….READING LEVEL! Hello! Isn't that amazing! If you are a teacher or parent, we all know how important it is for your child to read appropriate level books because they get so much more out of it, especially the big monster kids struggle with most, comprehension! Oh, and even if you don’t click on Reading Level, each book cover page has a number level on it. It takes the guessing game out for you! The only books that do not have Reading Levels on them are ones that parents or teachers should read to their child/student because it is teaching them something not to do like, “tattling” or “whining”. If you are interested in those books, you would go to Goodland!

Reading levels range from Pre-k to about fourth grade.  Each level for each land has so many books!  They are interesting because they “hook” the reader and the digital illustrations are superb. Oh, yea, almost forgot, each book gives your child the options to, read it to themselves, auto-play, or play (your child will have to “turn” the page).

If you have younger students like at a pre-school level, they have an entire land dedicated to them! Super easy one word colorful illustrations and photographs! They even have the classical nursery rhymes we grew up with. 

Do you have a child that loves music? Well, Sing-Along City is the place for your child.  Your child can have the option to play the book and the readers will sing it to them. It’s really great, I’m telling you!

I know lots of kids that love expository texts.  Well, Farfaria has a land called Genius Jungle that has books from reading level 2-4. I am totally going to use this when we come to text features next year!

Farfaria, adds new books every week, EVERY WEEK!!! So your child(ren)/students will never get bored!
You will need internet access to read the books, BUT Farfaria has given your child the option to “favorite” a book and they can read it offline. It’s a great idea if you’re going to be traveling this summer!

Now, I can go on and on about Farfaria but I know you guys are busy and don’t want to take your time anymore! So Farfaria is going to be giving away a membership to their wonderful app to one of my lucky readers, trust me, you want to enter.  Like I said, if it wasn’t worth it, I wouldn’t be blogging about it!  The app itself is free, but if you want unlimited access, it’s $3.99 a month. But think about, if you were to go to your bookstore, you are paying that much and even more for one book! I rather pay $3.99 for HUNDREDS of books!

So what are you waiting for, enter the giveaway and give that special child in your life the gift of reading!

Check out the pictures below! Click on the first picture to take you to the app. 

**All opinions are my own.**
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Are you in need of a Calendar Journal?

This calendar journal is a best seller in my TPT store.  I seriously use it every day with my kiddos.  By the second half of the school year my kiddos were doing it independently, which is awesome!

If you would like to check it out click on the first picture below! It's only a $1.50!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spanish Phonics Interactive Notebook is DONE!

This is the biggest packet I have created!! I have put my heart and soul into this packet and if you teach Spanish to young elementary students, my hope is that this packet will come to good use for you!

The package is 118 pages from "head to toe"  but you'll get lots of wonderful resources to use in your classrooms.

I cannot wait to get started on interactive notebooks this year!

Please look at some samples below...

If you would like to check out my packet, please click on the picture below...

Only some of the stuff you get...

If you've gotten this far....first three comments, get it FREE!!!!!!!!!! This package is valued at $12. Good luck!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Freebie Until Friday! Notebook Covers!!!

I don't want to brag, but I can't believe how cute these notebook covers came out!

If you love all things cute and I know you do then you will love these notebook covers for your classroom's interactive notebooks.

I am way too excited to glue these onto my students' notebooks this school year!!!!

I am also excited to incorporate interactive notebooks this school year! :)

Oh yea, I even made little ones for those of you that cut your notebooks!

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, enjoy this Freebie, because after Friday, I will begin selling it in my store!

Click the first pic to take you to my store! Enjoy!!!!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Back to School Survival Pack! In English and Spanish!

I created this packet keeping the craziness of the beginning of the school year in mind.

You and I both know how insane the first week of school is!! This packet will help ease the insanity and make it less stressful for you.

This packet can be used in whole group, independently, or with partners.

All you have to do is print and go! You can print them as an entire packet, with the exception of a few pages that are cut and paste.

Check it out below! Click on the first picture!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Editable Newsletters for the entire school year!

Are you in need of some cute newsletters? I have got you covered.
My newsletters are editable if you have Powerpoint. I have created them for the entire year!

They come in black and white, color, 1/2 have the word "Spelling Words" on them and the other 1/2 have the word "Sight Words" (for my kinder peeps!)

I have embedded the fonts for you guys as well! If you don't know what that means well I'll just tell ya! Embed simply means that whatever font I used, you can use it too! :) Of course you are always welcome to change it to your own font, ya won't hurt my feelings!

Anyway, it's late so click on the picture to take you to my store!

First three get it free!!!! :) Just leave a comment and your e-mail address!!

Night guys!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chevron Desk Plates in Spanish

I have created desk plates for my classroom and hope you may be able to get some use out of them as well. Click on the picture to check them out!

Thank you!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

September Spanish Language Arts Packet is FINISHED!

I am finally finished with my Spanish homework for September.  I just want to say thank you to Pamela, Betsy, and Hope for their input.  If you ladies read this, please pick out something from my TPT store that you would like!! :)

I can't blog for too long today, my mom is waiting for me so we can go grab some pizza.

Click on the picture to take you to my store! Remember, first three comments get it free!!! :)

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free Chevron Background Spanish Alphabet to the First Three Comments!!

If you like this...

Then make sure you comment and let me know that you would like a copy! As always, first three comments win!!!

It contains printed letters with and without words, cursive letters with and without words and word wall letters as well!!!

Click on the first picture to take you to my TPT store!

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