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A little more background information on me...

A teaching career became a goal of mine since I was a very young child.  I LOVED playing school and would make grade books and copy them just like my teachers had in their rooms. It was just something I enjoyed doing. My third grade teacher was also amazing and I can thank her for wanting to really pursue teaching. I also wanted to teach third grade, but little did I know that was going to change.

As I grew older my mind hadn't changed.  I knew teaching was going to be it.  When I was doing my BA and finally was given the opportunity to enter the teaching program I just couldn't believe I was doing it. I was going to be a teacher!!! Well my program did an excellent job (go MSU) and put us in different types of classrooms from the beginning.  We had rigorous teaching instruction and they made sure this was something we wanted to stick with. Throughout my time in college, I played around with the idea of becoming a bilingual teacher but it wasn't something that had really sunk in until a few years ago.

Finally, Clinical 1 began (the observation period before student teaching). By that time I was still gearing myself up to teach third grade. I received my letter and it said I was going to be placed in a first grade classroom. WHAT? First grade, then I started to panic and I just thought, well I don't know anything about first grade, ahhh, a little more freaking out, and then I calmed down.

Well I was placed in an inner city school public school in New Jersey with the most amazing, wonderful, brilliant, (I can keep going you know) teacher. Her name is Mrs. Gut. She had been teaching for over 25 years but boy was she ever with the times.  She loved finding new ways to get her students to learn, I mean it when I say words can not describe how great of a teacher she is.

From October-December all I did was watch her. Towards the end I was picking up a lesson here or there but mostly just watching and learning.  But being me, I couldn't just sit there, I helped out in what ever I could.

Before I finished Clinical 1, I received another letter in the mail that said I was going to be placed in the same school but teaching fourth grade.  Well I started crying and showed Mrs. Gut the letter because I was learning everything from her. Well being the nice lady she was, she called up some program directors at my school and said that I needed to stay with her by her request. Luckily, they said it was fine and I could stay! Phew!!

Student teaching began and I was in love.  I loved seeing how much the children grew developmentally. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I was teaching all subjects and had my very own guided reading group.  I taught until about 2 P.M every day then would run over to my teaching assistant job at a daycare center.

So when I finally graduated, it was time for me to look for a job.

I found a job pretty quickly and taught kindergarten.  I enjoyed my time there but I was also planning on moving to Texas because I wanted to become a bilingual teacher.

So then in '08 I moved and got a job in Fort Worth, teaching first grade and I've been there ever since!

I love first grade so much, it's where my heart is and I can't picture myself teaching anything else.

Only time will tell if I ever do get a job teaching bilingual children, I'll just keep working hard in the mean time!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

This is me on graduation day. Golden tassel = honors ;)
My nephew and niece: Maddock and Ava 

This is me in Mexico..I was in love with that tree!

Maddock and Ava again. Seriously how cute are they?

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  1. Hi again, Judy! I love reading your profile - what a sweet journey you have been on to become a teacher. :) I was born and raised in Ft. Worth. I am glad you're there. I miss it a lot, but go home often to visit my family.


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. Hi Erica,
    Thanks so much! That really means a lot to me! It's been a long journey to get to where I am and I am ever so grateful. Yea Fort Worth is a neat little city. Maybe someday we can do a bloggy meet up and get some other teachers to come join us. I don't know of any one else who lives in the area though. :)


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  4. Hi Judy,
    The pictures of your classroom are so colorful, which is a must in any classroom. It looks so cheerful!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It is an award for blogs with less than 200 followers who have great content and great potential. Click on the link below for more details: