Thursday, June 12, 2014

Editable Newsletters for the entire school year!

Are you in need of some cute newsletters? I have got you covered.
My newsletters are editable if you have Powerpoint. I have created them for the entire year!

They come in black and white, color, 1/2 have the word "Spelling Words" on them and the other 1/2 have the word "Sight Words" (for my kinder peeps!)

I have embedded the fonts for you guys as well! If you don't know what that means well I'll just tell ya! Embed simply means that whatever font I used, you can use it too! :) Of course you are always welcome to change it to your own font, ya won't hurt my feelings!

Anyway, it's late so click on the picture to take you to my store!

First three get it free!!!! :) Just leave a comment and your e-mail address!!

Night guys!

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  1. These are so handy! Love the reading log!

  2. I would love a copy of your newsletters! Josie Flores