Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Simple Craft...

Well if you can call it a craft then that's what it shall be! I am the most non-creative person in the history of EVER! My art skills are lacking (seriously, I'm on par with a first grader) but when it comes to my classroom, I try very hard!

I saw something on Pinterest where this lady mentioned that she didn't like using Post-it notes for her CAFE Menu. Well guess what? Neither do I. The Post-its fall off and it's really annoying, so my brain got to thinking. Well the lady used stove covers on her Menu so her kids could use magnets to write their names, or what is dry erase markers, well whatever, I stepped it up a notch!  I went to Target, specifically the dollar section (LOVE), okay, okay, I wondered off to the office section as well. Anyway, I found the small white boards. I bought four for the CAFE menu so my students can write their names under the reading strategy they need to work on.

Boring black whiteboard blah! Add a little magic, well some paint pens...

With a little time and effort....

YEA! I did it! :)

My biggest suggestion and I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of it, just take some note taking paper to slide under the frame so your white board doesn't get dirty. This is very important, if you want overall coverage!

It took me about half-hour to complete and the paint pens are pretty much odorless!

I'm going to finish my other boards in the other colors because I am obsessed with colors!

My CAFE menu is going to look great I'm so excited..and no more Post-it Notes flying off my Menu!!

When I finish the rest of the boards I will take a picture of them. Then I will show you a picture of my CAFE menu once I can get into my classroom!!

Happy 4th peeps!!!

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  1. Cute idea! I have leftover spray paint- I might have to try that!
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    First with Franklin

  2. I need those pens!
    I'm glad I found another bilingual blogger, I will be teaching second grade next year in Spain.

  3. I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog award! Check it out here.

    Maestra Bilingue

  4. Just found your blog! Thanks for sharing this idea!
    If you have time check out my blog!