Monday, April 30, 2012

That All Too Familiar Feeling!

That title is in reference to my certification test on Thursday. I know what you're thinking, "Didn't she take her certification test already?" Yes I took test 1 of 2 in early April.  Now it's time for me to take the second half which is the Spanish part.

I know Spanish, or at least I think I did. Studying for this is starting to prove that I know very little or I'm just being way to hard on myself. Anyway, the test is this Thursday and I'm a nervous wreck.  Test anxiety and I don't go well together. In fact, we despise each other. Okay enough test talk for one night, I'm on here to put the test in the back of my mind.

This past week we learned about the double oo sounds. Like in 'book' and 'fool'. Or as one child said, "booger" and "poop". I do not in any circumstance condone this type of language in my classroom, but hey they get the sound concept, right?  Anyway, I took the chef hat idea from Cara, which was not an easy thing to do like she said, and gave it to the children as we created our First Grade Cookbook of short double oo words.  Take a look.

Below you will see a picture of our long and short oo anchor chart. The kids loved the ghost. :)

We also did some Skittles graphing..and who doesn't love Skittles?? I stole this lesson off of Pinterest, which then lead me to Melissa's TPT store AKA Awesome in First! It really is a great lesson and so colorful. I LOVE colors!

Some of us were a tad shy!

So that was last week in a nut shell!

This week we are learning the digraph au/aw. I also found some really cute lessons on Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest Gods out there for making this crazy teacher's life so much easier. HA! You know you're thinking the same thing!  

Oh I had my formal observation today. I think it went really well. My principal burst out laughing  smiled at the things I said about au/aw, because don't you know us Jersey folk speak funny..with our aww's! I totally don't have a Jersey accent unless I'm speaking very fast and those aw/au show up in conversation ;). Okay peeps. I'm going to do some reading en espaƱol...impressive eh? JK! Then I'm going to call it a night. I am one tired teacher!

BTW, were anyone else's students off their rockers today. I'm doing my best to keep them as calm as possible, but the Texas heat doesn't help!!!

¡Buenas noches mi queridos!
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