Monday, May 7, 2012

Polygon Story and Prefix Pals!

Today was a good day as Mondays usually are. Tuesdays are an entirely different story, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

As I mentioned in last night's post, I was introducing polygons to the children. I couldn't find anything great out there so that left the old brain to think of something quick and that would get the little ones attention. Well the kids LOVED my polygon baby story. They ate it up, I really didn't think they'd love it that much! By the end they were asking when Mrs. Polygon was going to have her babies and if I could bring in the babies when they're born! Ha ha...gotta love first graders!  So I might make some cute polygon figures this weekend and make them all baby like ya know! I think the kiddos love polygons and what a fun word to say!  Even the my little ones that struggle were into it.  You have to try it if you get the chance.

So we did our prefix anchor chart and web. The children did well on it but I'm not really sure they got it. I did however use the word "retake" in a sentence. "I hope I do not have to retake my test." Student raises his hand, "Ms. Campos, did you pass your Mexican test yet?" Other Children in my class, "(Child's name) it's a Spanish test, not Mexican..." Okay, I've been so stressed that listening to the innocence of a child just makes my day.  I simply corrected him while trying to hold back laughter and told the children that it's okay to make mistakes, because it is!

Okay where was I going with this whole prefix thing, ah yes, tomorrow we are going to do "Prefix Pals" (again nothing inspiring online, thanks to my cobweb brain I came up with the pals). Basically, I printed out "re" and "un" on cardstock along with base words. Then tomorrow the children will decorate their child template and glue the prefix on one friend's shirt and base word on the other friend's shirt. I think I'll have the pictures hold hands, not too sure though. I will snap pics of the activity and finished product.  I am adding it below just in case anyone would like a copy. Please keep in mind I have a small class of 12 so if you'd like more prefixes or words just let me know and I'll be glad to edit the file and e-mail it to you.

Here ya go...Also please keep in mind that each student will need two copies of a child template in order to complete this activity.

I apologize for the child template being blurry!! You can easily Google it by typing in, "Child Body Template" in images. It's the third picture in. Copy it and paste it into whatever program you use and enlarge it.  Prince charming taught me that if you hit shift and pull the image it doesn't distort it.  The picture is fine on my word application but the PDF messed it up!! GRR. Technology and I are just not getting along these days.

I think that's all for now.  I need to fold laundry and go to bed! Night bloggy friends!
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