Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Nameless Post

I sat there for a good five minutes and couldn't think of what to title this post so nameless it shall be!

We did our "Prefix Pals" and they came out really cute. Of course I forgot to bring my camera with me so I snapped a couple with my phone.

Check it out...

Pretty cute eh? I'm going to hang them outside of my classroom tomorrow and take a decent picture of them. I promise!

Remember if you want a copy of this lesson just look at my previous post or click here :)

Just one quick thing before I go. My kids take home a spelling pack on Monday and it has to be returned on Friday. They can do lots of activities for spelling to reach 100 points by the end of the week. One of the activities is to draw a picture and hide their spelling words. Check out this picture...

Isn't this hilarious? One of my little girls drew it and it just made my night last night.  She always draws something that's so out there!! I LOVE it!! Plus her mom is my favorite pencil sharpener person in the world. She takes home a boat load of pencils every few weeks and they are all sharpened by the next day!!! I hate that job more than anything, it's made this year so much easier for me. :)

Time for me to do some planning okay you got me, Pin my life away. Ciao!!!!!
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  1. I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog award!!! Come on over to my blog and check out the details!!! Congratulations again!!!



  2. Prefix Pals! How cute! SO sorry I haven't visited in a while - things have been crazy. It likes like you and your cuties are doing well!


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten