Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My New Layout!

So it's been a while! A really long while!!! I can't help that I'm a teacher with a classroom full of wonderful little firsties!

So do you like my new layout? I'm really loving my new layout, It's so me!

Anyway, life in first grade has been super duper busy, I mean we've been adding two digit numbers, learning our long vowels, and all those wonderful spelling patterns. I love how when the kiddos come back from winter break you just see how much they have blossomed, it's like, who are you and what have you done with my little first grader? Ha! Well I have been terrible at keeping up with taking pictures of all my students' hard work. I seriously need to just leave my camera at work because there are days where I'm just like 'geez, why don't I have you pretty pink camera?'

We've been learning about dental awareness this week and I talked to the kids about taking care of their teeth and showed them how long and how they should be brushing their teeth for. Then I whipped out the pink paper and marshmallows. And they lost it! I love how excited they get for the littlest thing. It's one of the reasons why I love first grade so much. So I showed them how they were going to make their own little mouth diagram (grr, wishing I had pictures right now to show you). Well they came out too stinkin' cute!

As for right now, I need to make a long o test up for tomorrow, since we are pretending it's Friday in my classroom (we have in service on Friday) Goodnight and wish me luck getting this thing done.
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  1. I'm still trying to find a blog layout that I really love for myself. Still looking. :-)
    I'm your newest follower.

    First Grade Delight

    1. Thanks! I know they say not to grab free layouts but I'm a poor teacher, haha!