Sunday, February 26, 2012

The "Can I Crusher"

So over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits she has this thing called "Dream Squasher". This is in reference to how she destroys her students' dreams. And by dreams she means any way a child can get out of class.

So I have decided to make my own type of "Dream Squasher" and call it the "Can I Crusher." For example, "Can I get an ice-pack my hand is swollen" "No, I just saw you playing basketball with that same hand and you were laughing." "Can I go to the nurse, my head hurts?" "Well I guess if your head hurts then you can't go outside for recess and play, right? "oh I'm feeling better Ms. Campos!" "Can I bring my BeyBlade to school tomorrow?" "Umm, no" This particular one isn't a "can I" but you get the same effect. "Ms. Campos, when is school over?" "On the last day of school, now put your hand down!" "Can I do computers today? "Is it your day to work on the computer? Oh it's not? Then no, sorry" "can I go to the bathroom?" "You didn't do the signal, we don't call out, and YOU just went 20 minutes ago!! Do you have anymore bathroom tickets?" "no" (Child does pee pee dance and giving me sad puppy eyes" "Fine, but you owe me a ticket tomorrow!"

Well you get the general idea, these are just SOME of the things teachers get to deal with on a daily basis and I'm not complaining I often find myself laughing at the things they do and how they think I will fall for them, well HA I'm too smart for those little ones..:)

On another note, TWO MORE WEEKS TIL SPRING BREAK! I'm sorry, I love teaching pretty much more than anything (except family and prince charming <3) but all us teachers need a break! It's been non-stop since we got back from Christmas. It's hard enough to find subs at our school when we need to be out when we get sick, so in we march, sore throats and all. I don't think I'll be doing much of anything, I think I'll just be sooooooooooo lazy and maybe get a workout in here and here (I said maybe)!

As usual we have another busy week ahead. The kids will be learning R-controlled words like "er, ir, ur" fun stuff. I have lots of games and things to get them interested and involved :D

Well I have to write my weekly newsletter for my parents and then get ready for work tomorrow. It's times like these where I wish I had my Pinterest board on clothes in my closet, boo! Goodnight mundo!

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