Sunday, August 17, 2014

My classroom 2014-2015

I have worked my little tail off for an entire week trying to get my room ready. I will leave you all with some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

The odd and even are an idea from Tunstall's Blog. I just wanted them in pink and blue! :)

Subway art from Hope King!

My organizers from Learning in Wonderland!!

My AR tracker..:)

My dad made that table for me several years back!

Lovin' my frames for anchor charts!

Yep, I made that deco mesh wreath!

I have set stations for the kids, so they are not walking around aimlessly, cause you know, they would never do that!!

I would say that I am pretty happy with my room. If there is anything here that you like, leave me a message and I probably have it available OR can direct you on where to get it!

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  1. Thats an awesome!!! awesome!!! table! I love it...your dad did a great job. I still need to post my pics up...hopefully tomorrow I should be finished! (by the way...I am tired!) :) You did great on your classroom!