Sunday, August 19, 2012

If You Give a Teacher a Classroom She'll Want....

To go crazy! I just love that blog title. I tried to think of something creative and fun for today's short and sweet post.  Most of you do know Laura Numeroff's books, right?? They are fab!  I also feel like most of those characters because once I start one task, I don't finish it and head on over to another, ha ha!  Which leads me to...

A sneak peak of my classroom!!!  I have a before and after, a picture of the wall color to say R.I.P orange, and my cute little teacher desk (which I never sit at).  I just have to thank my friend B, my mom, pinterest, and all you blogger friends out there. I was so inspired this year to really make my room my own. Okay here you go...I will try and post more pictures this week..there's a ton!! I'm just too tired to upload.  Oh yea, I don't have desks yet but they will be coming in this week or come next Monday, we'll all be standing. ;)

Night bloggers and readers :)

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