Thursday, August 16, 2012


My title clearly states how I'm feeling right now.  I'm stressed, nervous, anxious...yea it's the start of the school year.

So yesterday was the beginning of our new hire PD. It was great, met my other new faculty members, whom are the sweetest people in the world! I also made a bilingual buddy with the fourth grade teacher. She and I are thisclose now! :)

I don't think I mentioned that the principal that hired me took another elementary principal position at another district a few weeks ago, so I was nervous about meeting the new principal. Well let me tell you, this woman is phenomenal. She has a pretty amazing résumé, is bilingual and was a bilingual teacher back in the day.  One new teacher knows her from her previous school and said she fought for the bilingual program at her school when the district didn't want to. 

At a mini-meeting today she told us a little bit about herself and said the bottom line is that she is there for children, parents, faculty and staff. She's not one to hide in her office, she loves getting to know the families and all the children's names because that's just the type of person she is.  She also said that from Monday-Thursday she has lunch with the kids so they can feel comfortable around her. Seriously, how wonderful is that?! I am very much looking forward to working under her wing and learning more from her. :)

I also met with my bilingual coordinators today and I left with a headache. That was only a meet and greet. We meet for two full days next week and I'm already getting anxiety over it. So-many-rules, it's driving me crazy!!!!! But this is what I wanted and this is what I have to deal with.  

I know once I meet the students everything will be great and I'll be in the zone and they are all that matters. I just get myself so worked up and freak out. I need to relax!

Well, I just needed to vent a little and I feel a little better now.  Night bloggers and blog readers.
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  1. Sorry you had a rough day but so glad that you have such a wonderful new principal to work with! Be sure to check out my giveaway to win books for your classroom and share with the other new bilingual teachers you meet! :)