Saturday, July 5, 2014

Look what I finished...:)

I finished my interactive grammar packet last night! I am so proud of it because I worked very hard on it to make sure it would be something super useful for my kiddos and my customers.  It's filled with the grammar component of what the kids should know before they go on to second grade.

I have listed a brief description of what is included in the grammar packet at my teacher store.  I know materials in Spanish are totally hard to come by so I just love creating them for bilingual teachers like myself. :)

Before I post pictures, I want to do something special for you guys, my readers.  I would like to create a useful freebie for you of something that you would like to use in your classroom or just whatever you need.  So, in the comments, leave me some suggestions as to what you would like your next freebie to be. I'm out of ideas and I want it to be something useful for you!  I haven't put out a freebie in a while and I really enjoy doing that.

So let me know below what you want!

Okay, here are some pics to go with my grammar pack.  Click on the first picture to take you to my store...

If you want to check out my phonics packet click on the picture below

If you would like the bundled packet click on the picture below

Have a great rest of your weekend guys! 

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  1. Great work! Maybe a freebie for science or social studies would be nice.