Monday, May 19, 2014

Math and Spanish Bilingual Summer Packet

Hi guys! Just wanted to share my summer packet that I worked really, really, hard on, FOR REAL!  If you teach first grade math in English and Language arts in Spanish then this packet is for you!
I have searched high and low for a packet like this and trust me there isn't one like this out there!

Look at all you get....
Click on the picture above if you would like to get your hands on a copy!

As always, the first three people to comment get this packet for free!!!

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  1. Hi! I would love a copy! ¡Gracias!

  2. This is Josie Flores again. Forgot my email -

  3. I teach both, and I would love to the this set!! By the way, your Blog is truly amazing!!

  4. just came accross your blog! Love it! If i'm not too late - I would love a copy of this!!

  5. I would love a copy!