Monday, February 3, 2014

Math Freebie for YOU!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am still alive.  Anyway, last week my teammates and I had to come up with a quick and easy game for our first graders hitting that place value standard.  I quickly came up with a fun little activity that I know your little ones will love. It's called, "The Winner is..." I know so clever, right? ;)

Basically, each player gets a tens and ones board along with numbers from 0-9 or you can use the ten block units, doesn't matter! Better yet, the kids can use both!  The children form a number and flip the deck of cards that has, "The winner is the person with the largest number... or The winner is the person with the smallest number."

The kids get a kick out of this game because they never know who will win.  So what are you waiting for click on the picture to send you to my store.  I hope your students will love it!

One last thing, I'm super sad that the Broncos lost cause my boyfriend is a huge fan, but I was able to get this cute picture of him sent by his momma before I got there...
I don't know why, but this picture makes me happy beyond words.  I love this boy so much.  :) Oh well, there's always next season, right??

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