Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Testing..Testing..1. 2. 3

So I have decided to give Teachers pay Teachers.com a try last week (where do I find the time to do all this stuff?) anyway, I created a morning meeting activity sheet for my kiddos. Which by the way they are raving about it because it's more first grade friendly. I also love that I can change it if need be and add more things to it as we move on in the school year. So it's my first swing at this and I hope you like it (whoever you are). Here's my store http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Follow-Along-with-the-Morning-Meeting
In time, I hope I get better at it and create more files that I can sell to other teachers out there.

*Quick little update:
My students are doing so well with their reading fluency, I LOVE YOU DAILY FIVE AND CAFE!!!!!!! Sorry, just had to. I feel that I'm just enriching their lives as much as a I can with words and it's starting to click (yea I know, it's only October). But yes, life in first grade is grand. :)
Remember those pom-pom readers, well they're still great and all but I bought witch fingers at Target for a dollar last week and the kids are just loving those to follow along with their reading. Hooray for teaching little ones who appreciate silly things. Well it's time for this first grade teacher to hit the hay. I promise that I will start getting better at this blogging thing!

Oh yea, parent-teacher conferences are on Friday (cue scary music) da da daaaaaaaaaa..Just kidding! I'm looking forward to letting the parents' them know how their child is doing in my class.

This time, I'm really leaving. Night!
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